16 luglio 2010

MIT Review: cannibalizzare fa bene a patto di…

…seguire una strategia precisa:
Rispondere ad un fallimenti adottando un secondo modello di business nello stesso mercato
Il secondo modello dev'essere diverso dall'esistente
Tenere i due separati quanto basta da evitare conflitti, ma facendo leva sulle potenziali sinergie

"According to Michael Porter and other strategy theorists, managing two different business models in the same industry at the same time is challenging because the two models (and their underlying value chains) can conflict with each other.1 For example, airlines selling tickets through the Internet to fight back against their low-cost competitors risk alienating existing distributors (the travel agents). Similarly, established newspaper companies that offer “free” newspapers to respond to new entrants risk cannibalizing their existing customer base. By attempting to compete with themselves, Porter argued, companies risk paying a significant straddling cost: damaging their existing brands and diluting their organizations’ cultures for innovation and differentiation"

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